Skin Hydrated Benefits – How To Keep Skin Hydrated All Day?

Dehydration makes your skin look dull and this does not disappear with a highlighter or a makeup tool. Skin which is low in moisture look exactly opposite to glowing and shiny skin.

There are various easy and simple steps by which you can keep your skin hydrated naturally from inside all the day. Hydrated skin gives a fresh, glowing and gorgeous natural look.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

skin hydrated benefits

Causes of Dehydrated Skin

1. Weather or Environmental changes

Excess of direct exposure of skin to the sun causes the moisture of your skin to get evaporated. This is the reason why skin suffering from sunburn requires more moisture than a normal skin. Cold, chilled, heavy and dry winds can also make your skin dull and dry. It makes your skin look old and moisture gets evaporated.

2. Daily lifestyle:

People on diet avoids fatty foods. This leads to lack of fatty acids in the body. Defficiency of fatty acids in the body cause several skin problems. Lack of fatty acids in the body leads to a dry and dull skin.

Causes of dehydrated skin

If you are habituated to beverages, these beverages may also be the reason of your dry skin and dehydration of your skin. Alcoholic drinks and smoking also leads to a great damage to your skin.

If you have a sensitive skin, dehydration can occur frequently to your skin.

3. Makeup Products:

Buying a makeup product or skin care product is still a great puzzle for many. If you find a suitable product for your skin it’s great! But if the product does not suit your skin, you can be at trouble. Unsuitable products can make your skin lose all it’s natural moisture. Your skin may have some infection and it will start becoming dehydrated all the time.

Home Remedies For Skin Hydrated

Water Rich Foods

Your skin uses water of the body itself to retain it’s moisture. Many foods contain a lots of water. Eating such water rich foods can make your skin hydrated. Eat fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, celery, berries, cucumber, peach, plums, kiwi, raspberries, etc.

Drink more and more water

Drinking more water is a very common tip given by everyone to keep your body and skin hydrated. You already know the reason why drinking water is necessary. Eight – Ten glasses of water will make your skin naturally look heatlhy and glowing. Drink water regularly and you can get your skin hydrated naturally without using any other remedies.

Avoid hot showers

In cold and dry weathers, you may love to have long hot showers. But the fact is, hot water can steal away the moisture of your skin. If you take long how showers, you may loose all the moisture from your skin. Avoid such long hot showers, instead use moderate temperature water and avoid staying in showers for long.

Moisturize Your Skin Immediately

You may already know that your skin needs moisture. But the fact is, your skin needs moisture, but right after having wash. Applying moisture to your skin after wash helps to heal your dry and damp skin. Everytime you wash your skin, you may apply some moisturizer. Natural moisturizer works more effective.

Moisturise your skin

Some essential oils such as rich cocoa butter or castor oil after shower or bath will help to a great extent in keeping your skin hydrated, soft and plumpy all the day. Cocoa butter can be considered as alternative to petroleum moisturizer which is natural anyways. Applying it on the dry and damp skin will help your body to retain moisture for a longer period rather than getting evaporated in the air.

Benefits of Moisturize Your Skin Overnight

Skin becomes dry at several places of your body more often such as feet, elbows, knees, hands, cheeks, etc. and some other areas of the body. While sleeping at night, before going to bed, deep moisturize your skin by some good moisturizer and wash off early in the morning. This will help your skin to heal the damp and dry skin overnight.

Inner Hydration of Skin

Eating some of the foods which help your skin to retain moisture for a long time also helps in hydrating your skin. Try adding vegetables and fruits which provides moisture to your skin. Add kiwi, berries, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, carrots, raddish, etc. Production of omega – 3, collagem and elastin is necessary in the body for skin enrichment. Consider that your body is getting enough Vitamin C and Zinc.

Oil bath:

While taking bath daily, add some natural oils to the water which will help your skin to have natural oil bath and moisturize it naturally.

Olive oil:

Along with moisture, it is also necessary that your skin remains healthy. Olive oil possess a lots of fatty acids which will provide a lot of moisture to your skin. Also, it possess antioxidants which will keep your skin healthy naturally. Everyday having daily hot showers may be making your skin dull and damp.

olive oil for dehydrated skin

Even soaps also play a role in drying your skin at large. Massaging your skin properly before bath or shower will help your skin to avoid drying of skin by soaps and hot showers. Have a practice of oiling your skin daily by olive oil.

Choose A Healthy Soap

Selecting a healthy soap is a key factor in balancing moisture level of your skin. At the time of selecting and buying a soap, check out to labels of it. Check all the information such as chemicals, oils, ingredients used in it. Avoid chemical based soaps.

It can steal away the moisture and make your skin dry. Select a soap which is based on natural oils and ingredients. Natur moisturizing agents such as natural oils, aloe vera, castor oil, etc.


As you already know, eating habits also play a vital role in determining the moisture level of skin. Have you ever heard about avocado? If yes, and you are already having it regularly, it is very beneficial for your skin.

And if not, add it as fast as possible to your diet. Avocado contains fatty acids and healthy fats at very very large. It will help for the hydration of your skin, but it also release bad cholestrol. You can also prepare a natural skin refreshment face mask. Take some fresh avocado flesh in a bow, mix some avocado oil in it. Mix it well.

Apply this mixture over your skin and let it over your skin for 5 minutes. Have a bath of wash off the mixture over your skin. It is very effective for making your skin healthy along with moisturizing it naturally.


Honey is also considered one of the most useful skin care product which is natural. It is used in most of the skin care products. It possess various properties which helps to make your skin healthy such as antifungal properties, antimicrobial properties, antifungal properties and skin hydrating properties.

Apply fresh honey over your dry and damp skin. Leave this fresh honey over it for 5 to 10 minutes. Now wash it off with water or take a bath. Apply moisturizer over your skin after shower. Practise this daily, it will make your skin healthier than ever before. Properties of honey possess power to make your skin plumpy.


Pumpkin is biggest fruit in the world. It is one of the biggest source for hydrating your skin naturally. Add some amount of pumpkin in your daily diet, it will help you to make your skin healthy, hydrated and plumpy. Many products in the market are also available which consider itself as natural pumpkin extracted face mask.

Pumpkin for dehydrated skin

You can make yours own too. Take some pumpkin flesh in a bowl, add some teaspoons of honey, almond oil and tomato juice in it. You can also add some egg whites in it. ( Optional ) Mix all these ingredients well. Prepare a mixture by blending or mixing properly. Apply this homemade face mask over your face.

Let it stay on your facd for 5 minutes and than wash it off. It helps your skin to get hydrated, it also makes your slin healthy and also fights excess of oils at some parts of the skin.

Why To keep Skin hydrated?

Skin is very sensitive. Always treat your skin well with love. Avoid some habits such as rubbing, scrubbing or applying any harsh pressure on it. Skin requires water just as every other part of the body does.

Consume the minimum water required by your body according to your age and daily work done by you. Also avoid unhealthy habits such as consuming beverages and alcoholic drinks. Smoking is also injurious and unhealthy for your skin.

Avoid all these habits in order to keep your skin healthy forever. Care your skin with proper moisturizers and eat Vitamin C rich fruits and foods with high amount of water. Care for your skin well and your skin will glow happily.

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