Reasons Why Eating Cheese Is Good For You

Health Benefits of Eating Cheese¬†: The popularity of cheese began in the last 50 of years. The use of it was mostly found in the United States. It’s use tripled according to the recent surveys from 1970’s to late 2000’s. Cheese is containing a lot of calcium.

Cheese For Lose Weight Fast

It is also full of proteins Varieties of cheese are now available in the market. In the last 10 – 20 years, different cheese makers from around the world have made different varieties of cheese. The number of these cheese makers and cheese specialist grew a lot in the past 10 years.

Varieties of Cheese:

You may already know there are thousands of varieties of cheese available. It ranges from size, colour, flavour, saturated fats level, type of milk and many more.

1. Mature cheese

Mature cheese tends to be of older than 6 months or more. The process of this cheese takes 6 months or more for its flavouring and processing. Asiago, camembert, blue, etc are the examples of mature cheese.

2. Fresh or Dairy cheese

The cheese variety which is not matured or old are known as fresh cheese or commonly known as dairy cheese. The taste of this cheese is milder than matured cheese. It can also be used for preparing various recipes out of it. It can be added to various food items. Examples of Fresh or Dairy cheese are curd cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc.

3. Processed Cheese

Processed cheese are those which are processed to add extra flavours to normal cheese. The cheese spread which is used in every recipe is nothing but a processed cheese. It cannot be called as cheese, but processed cheese. Various flavours and ingredients are added to it for the process.

4. Non-Dairy Cheese

The highly processed cheese are commonly known as dairy cheese. Cheese is made up from milk. It is a dairy product commonly used in various food items. But somehow, many people find this dairy product inappropriate! They find the cheese with milk allergies or inappropriate lactose. Also, people om diet also find cheese to be inappropriate for their health.

Along with lots of calcium and proteins, cheese also contains the high amount of saturated fats. It also contains a large amount of sodium in it because of calcium. So, their arises a question! Whether to eat cheese or not?

You may be eager to know how healthy and cheesy the benefits of cheese are! Cheese provides various of health benefits. But it depends on how the cheese is consumed, with what it is consumed, in what amount it is consumed and which type of cheese is consumed by an individual. Also, individual’s body is also a factor for deciding how much amount of cheese is beneficial for a particular individual.

The following are the reasons why cheese is good for you

1. Makes you really strong: Cheese contains a lot of calcium and proteins. Eating a good amount of cheese daily, can make your muscle mass grow a lot. Improved strength of your bones is resulted by eating cheese regularly. By eating cheese, you can fuel up yourself for daily loads of work. If you are vegetarian and do not eat meat, cheese is the best source of proteins for your diet.

2. Free from heart disease risks: According to various researchers, consumers of cheese who regularly eat cheese have very low rates of heart diseases. Even if a person’s daily diet is full of a lot of fats, if he/she is a consumer of cheese, it can prevent chances of any kind of heart problems.

3. Improves your dental health: So, as cheese contains a lot of calcium, it can be considered as a medicine to improve your oral health. It also helps information and development of your teeth. The pH level of your teeth can be raised and improved by cheese which protects and prevents you from developing dental problems such as plaque and tartar. Eat healthy cheese and enhance your teeth.

4. Bone health: Bone requires calcium a lot to strengthen itself. For overall development of bones, along with calcium, zinc, proteins, magnesium and vitamins are required. From a child to an adult to an old man, everyone needs to prevent from bone weakness diseases such as osteoporosis. Since cheese is made from milk, it contains a lot of calcium, and also a lots of proteins, vitamins, zinc and magnesium which helps in overall development of your bones.

5. Healthy mass: Person whose ( BMI ) Body Mass Index is high, may have a low level of calcium in his / her body. Such persons may start using cheese in his / her daily diet to improve his / her Body Mass Index.

6. Level of Blood Pressure: Low fats and low sodium contained cheese are really very helpful to prevent you from Blood Pressure issues. People consuming cheese have a normal blood pressure and is also safe from any type if heart problems. Many low – fats and less saturated cheese are available in the market. Select the right cheese with detailed information from it’s packaging labels.

7. Benefit of Omega 3: Cow eating Alpine grass gives a unique type of milk from other cows. The cheese produced from such alpine eating cow contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is very beneficial for your brain and cardiovascular system. Omega 3 fatty acids are generally not found in other cheese.

8. Cell building: Every cell in your body needs protein to build and repair itself regularly. Person consuming cheese regularly may never develop a problem related to protein in his / her body because cheese is full of proteins. The intake of cheese must be limited according to the age, size, type, etc.

9. Happiness is cheese: The amino acid contained by cheese is called tyrosine. When this tyrosine is broken down inside our body, makes us feel strong and content. Whenever taking photographs, everyone uses the word ‘Cheese’ to smile. This is the perfect example how cheese can be considered as happiness.

But the real mystery behind this is that fats and acids in cheese creates ‘dopamine’, which is a chemical released in our brain. Dopamine is also called ‘feel good’ chemical of our body. Whenever we eat cheese, dopamine is itself created inside our body. Also, eating a lots of cheese won’t make you fat. It’s just a myth. Cheese makes you feel content and happy!

10. Can be considered all rounder: The use of cheese in varities of food items is increasing a lot. Almost every food item is such, which we can consume by adding cheese on it. Taste of anything can be taken along with the cheesy cheese! The use of salt into food items is very disturbing for number of people due to health reasons. Salt is a very addictive ingredient.

It should be consumed in very little amount. However use of it is very high in processed and packaged foods. Also, the foods that restaurants serve also containd a large amount of salt in it. If you start adding cheese instead of salt into your food. If you are really worried about your sodium intake, cheese is really a better alternate! It is really delecious how cheesy cheese is! It can be considered all rounder.

Disadvantages of cheese ? Or When can cheese be bad for you ?

Cheese with high amount of saturated fats and sodium can invite the chances of heart attacks, increase in cholestrol and risk of heart problems along with blood pressure.

Nowadays cheese is not 100% natural. It contains added flavors and it’s process involves a lot of added fats in it. About 8 – 15% of cheese is made up of saturated fat itself. Say if you have 100 gms of cheese, 8 to 15 gms cheese is just saturated fat in it.

Cheese can become a problem if you consume without considering the amount you eat daily, quality of cheese, process of cheese, type of cheese, etc. You can easily get obsessed to this delicious so – called cheese. The risks of diabetes, obesity and chances of laziness develops.

The saturated fats are not so harmful. But the cheese available in the market is processed cheese which contains added and processed saturated fats, which is not good for your health. Natural saturated fats are not so harmful anyway.

Processed cheese are called ‘Cheese foods’. It contains added fats and salt. Selecting a cheese is not so difficult. You can easily select a cheese of cheese product by it’s packaging labels and detailed information on it. A natural and less processed cheese is never harmful.

You may be wondering about whether eating cheese is good or bad for you. There may be confusion between calcium – proteins and sodium – saturated fats. Concluding the above all arguments, cheese is never bad for the health of an individual.

It completely depends on an individual itself. Everyone loves cheese. There are no harmful effects of cheese if you consume it in sufficient amount. Consider selecting proper, natural and low fat cheese from the market and have your cheesy lunch, breakfast and meals.

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