Why Medical Marijuana’s Should Be Legal | Marijuana Medical Uses And Benefits

Many countries around the world – may be more than 20- started legalizing marijuana medically. Recently, Sanjay Gupta the CNN’s medical chief said his opinion on medial effects of marijuana and Marijuana Medical Uses.

Marijuana is very useful in medical. And many people like or agree with Sanjay’s believe that this drug becomes a revolutionary. And should have to become in medical use for better healthcare treatment.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

Countries Adoption of Marijuana (Cannabis) and Its Legalisation

While the benefits that are procured by smoking marijuana pot, some advocates overstated about the legalisation of marijuana. The legalisation of this new drug study will help in medical uses. And also help in the good understanding that how it will affect the body.
Worldwide currently only about 6% of studies related to Marijuana are going to analyse the properties of its medicinal.

Everyone may have to keep this in mind that there are many negative impacts if someone overuses it or may using it for the non-medical purpose. When someone started overusing or abusing the marijuana use it will affect the person’s emotional hormones or memory and also affect his/her immune system.

There have been minimum two chemicals which is in Marijuana that scientists and researchers may think that help in medical treatment. These two chemicals are CANNABIDIOL (CBD) – which researchers think may affect the brain without problem and TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL (THC) – which has the ability to get relieved from pain.

People may also keep in there mind that these benefits of health. By taking MARIJUANA and gained from taking different pills like THC, Dronabinol etc, which are considered as more effective than the MARIJUANA smoking.

1. It will use for Prevention of Diseases Like Glaucoma

MARIJUANA can be used from prevention of many diseases such as eye diseases myopia, glaucoma. It which may help to decrease the high pressure in the eyeball and also help to regain the strength of optic nerves or which causes the loss of eyesight.

The MARIJUANA may decrease the high pressure inside the eyeball, according to the study of National Eye Institute: “Early studies in the 1970s showed the result that when MARIJUANA smoked its will lowered the intraocular pressure (IOP). In people with normal pressure and also from those who have with glaucoma.”

Some effects of this drug may also help in slow the progressing of diseases like blindness or eyesight loss.

2. It may Help to Reverse The Carcinogenic effects of Tobacco

In January 2012, a study was published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” that MARIJUANA may help to increase the lungs capacity and its functions.

Marijuana Abuse Signs

Researchers test over the 20 years of time period on up to 5115 young peoples, about risk factors for heart diseases tested and study the lungs functions. They seeing that the people who smoke may be lost the functions of there lungs over time. But MARIJUANA users really showed the increase in the lungs capacity over the period of time.

It may be possible that their increase in the lung capacity is because of there deep breath while inhaling the drug and not from the therapeutic chemical that is in the drug.

3. It may help to control Epileptic Seizures.

The use of the Marijuana may help from prevention of Epileptic Seizures, a study showed in 2003.

Robert J. DeLorenzo from the University of Virginia Commonwealth gave some Marijuana Extracts and the Synthetic Marijuana to epileptic rats. Only in 10 hours the drug help the rats to get rid of Seizures.

Active ingredients in Marijuana like, Tetrahydrocannabinol (also called THC), which may help to control Seizures. By binding those brain cells which are responsible for controlling the regulation of relaxation and excitability.

The related article was also published in the “Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics”.

4. Smoking Cannabis Makes People Thinner and Less Obese.

A study by International Journal Obesity found that people smoking Cannabis will likely to be thin or fit rather than non-smokers.

The researchers from University of Conference Quebec Health Centre do a survey on 700 people aged from 18 to 74. And that those who smoke cannabis may have low fat in their body and their BMI ( body mass index) is also normal nor very high or nor very low just correct.

People with low BMI may have less body fat and also have the lower risk of diseases like diabetes etc.

5. Marijuana May Increase Creativity

In 2012 Consciousness and Cognition found that the people who smoke cannabis may have more creativity – in the language, art, writing etc.

The researcher’s team said that “While conducting the survey they found that people who smoke have become more and more creative in many places and their intellectual skill may also improve”.

Marijuana Helps To Increase Creativity

Up to 160 people were tested for a week half of them smoking cannabis or using Marijuana and half of them were not using it for a week. It will found that those who smoke cannabis, have higher creativity level and those who do not smoke it are less creative compare to them.

6. It will Help To Improve Athletes Performance.

It will be thought that use of Marijuana lower the athlete’s skills, but it is totally wrong. Gordy Megroz himself conduct a non-official survey on athletes, that use of Marijuana increases the athletic skills of an individual.

However, it is non-official so people suppose it may be wrong, but it actually increases the skills of athletes. Athletes may perform better on the treadmill and also able to do heavy squat sessions after us of Marijuana.

Marijuana use may help from prevention of tiredness or dullness and athlete feel fresh even after a heavy workout.

7. Marijuana May Help To Kill Cancer Cells

The U.S government said that cannabis will help to shrink the cancer cells and increases the immune system of organisms.

In the U.S. government official said that “Cannabis is able to kill the Cancer Cells in the Laboratory”.

Marijuana May Help To Kill Cancer Cells

They also said that Cannabis may use for therapy of Cancer and the symptoms of the Cancer may be killed by this. This become revolutionary in future years.

While the government of U.S. says that Cannabis may use for the treatment of cancer but the U.K. government oppose it and warns the patient. U.K. government says that there is no evidence that Cannabis help to treat the Cancer.

8. It helps to Decreases Symptoms of Severe Disorder Such as Seizures.

In Gupta’s documentary and research, he interviewed Figi family, who treated their daughter (5 years old). By using medical treatment of marijuana high stain in cannabidiol and low in THC.

Their 5-year-old daughter Lucy has Dravet Syndrome, which causes some developmental delays and seizures.

According to the documentary, the drug has the power to decrease her seizures from 315 weeks to just one in every seven days. Some other people are also in the same state and they start using strain marijuana as same as Lucy used to treat their seizures. And it works and people see the improvement.

Those doctors who advised to use this treatment say that the cannabidiol in the plant contact with the brain to quit those activities which cause these seizures or disorders.

9. It Helps To Lessen The Side Effects of Medicines For Diseases Like Hepatitis C etc.

Treatment from diseases use high doses of medicines may affect the Immune System and also gave some side effects.

Hepatitis C is very dangerous disease and its treatment uses a very high dose of injections which may inversely affect the body and give side effects. Side effects include nausea, memory loss, Weight Loss, fatigue, depressions etc. which may last for many days or for months.

Side Effects of Medicines For Diseases Hepatitis C

But Marijuana helps from such side effects: In 2006 European Journal of Gastroenterology and Herpetology, study on patients and found that up to 86% of patients using Marijuana did not get any side effect, which the people get who do not use Marijuana get.

And it also helps those patients who do not get any chances of recovery because there disease is more critical, but Marijuana helps all of them from the recovery of such diseases.

Marijuana also helps to improve the user immune system up to 54%, rather than who do not use it.

10. It also helps with the symptoms of LUPUS, an autoimmune disorder.

Nowadays medical Marijuana uses to treat autoimmune diseases like Lupus, which is when the body starts to attack itself because of some unknown reasons.

There are many chemicals in Marijuana which help to Stabilise the immune system and calm it, which helps to deal with diseases like Lupus. And the other impact of Marijuana is on pain receptors and some other organs which help with relief in pain.

11. It helps to eliminate the Chron’s diseases.

It is an inflammatory disorder which causes vomiting, slow growth, diarrhoea, pain, weight loss and some other disorder. But from the study of Israel showed that Marijuana decreases or reduced the Chron’s disease. In 11 out of 12 patients and completely cure 5 patients of it.

This is a small study, but some other researchers also go to the exact same result that really helps in prevention of such disease. It seems that Cannabis may have some special bacteria which help to cure of these diseases.

12. It Helps Those who are Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Department of Health and Human Services recently accepted and signed proposal in which they study Marijuana potential. It help from prevention of disease like Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Marijuana is worldwide are approved and accepted to treat Post-traumatic stress disorder in some countries. In New Mexico state, Post-traumatic stress disorder is the main reason that people get the license for medical use of Marijuana. This was the first time when U.S. government approved for the use of a smoking product for medical procurement.

Before this Marijuana considered illegal in the U.S. for medical treatment. Naturally, occurring Cannabis is as similar as THC. Which help to regulate the hormones for causes of fear and anxiety in the human body.

13. It Helps To Protect The Brain From Strokes

Some research from the University of Nottingham shows that the Cannabis have to the chemical which helps the brain to do not get damage from stroke. And it also helps to reduce the effect of stroke on the brain.

Some animals show good results by using Cannabis, that when they get to stroke their brain does not get damaged while not using it.

Cannabis not only help to reduce the effect of stroke. But it also helps to protect the brain from events like concussions etc.

14. Cannabis May Help With Concussions and Trauma

There are many shreds of evidence available which give the hint that Marijuana help to heal the brain from concussions and other injuries.

A recent study in the JCC ( Journal Cerebral Cortex ) showing the result that in rats. Marijuana lesser or reduced the brain trauma. And helped to gain the brain strength also from the injuries caused by trauma.

Many doctors and researchers believe around the world that Marijuana has a very powerful medicine for trauma suffering person. It is thought that it has some Neuroprotective properties. That’s why it helps in such problem.

15. It Helps To Eliminate The Nightmares

It is considered that Marijuana help to reduced serious nightmares. And it is helpful for those people who got suffered from daily nightmares. Nightmare is a bad dream which comes because of bad past.

Marijuana help from prevention of nightmare. Because it stops the brain thinking in sleep like the brain is dead during sleep. But it might also be considered that it will affect positive or negative. And for the long term, it really affects negatively on the user because of its chemical and bacteria’s.

16. Marijuana Cut of The Drinking Habit

The Marijuana is far safer than alcohol because alcohol is more addictive and affect the immune system of the user. While the Marijuana is less addictive and helps to gain the strength of immune system.

Many disorders arise due to the daily use of alcohol such as memory loss, anxiety, dullness, malnutrition etc. Now Marijuana help to get rid of the diseases that are given by alcohol like memory loss, anxiety, dullness, malnutrition etc.

Research in Harm Reduction Journal shows that people using Marijuana. Get less harmed compared to people using alcohol, drugs and other related stuff.

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