How to Reduce Body Heat

Body heat is a stress caused in the body due to high temperatures faced by it.We should reduce body heat. It is a common health problem faced by many. It is also known as ‘Heat Stress’.

When the body is not able to maintain itself in the normal range of temperature, heat stress is caused in the body. Normal range of temperature to be maintained by the body is 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius 97.7 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Causes or Factors causing Body heat

Body keeps the temperature under control by sweating all the time. But sometimes when the body is not able to face the excess of heat, sufficient sweating is not done by the body and temperature of the body increases.

Causes or Factors causing Body heat

1. Spending a lot of time in the sun.

2. Wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes.

3. Excess of workouts.

4. Very hot and humid weather conditions.

5. Medical or some health reasons.

Which people are at higher risk of body heat?

  • Persons of the age 65 or above.
  •  Very young children.
  •  Babies.
  • Pregnant woman.
  • People with serious health conditions.

Things to avoid

1. Avoid red meat and keep a healthy vegetarian diet.

2. Avoid eating nuts. Nuts increases temperature of the body. Have nuts 3 – 4 times a week.

3. Avoid almond, sesame and corn oil for cooking. Instead use coconut or olive oil.

4. Avoid beverages such as tea, coffee and alcohol.

5. Avoid having processed and packaged foods.

6. Say no to hot, spicy and junk food items.

Home remedies to Reduce Body Heat

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is the best food to keep the heat of the body in control. Cold milk and honey is the perfect combo to follow for keeping heat of the body in control. Everyday early in the morning, take 1 – 2 tablespoon of honey in one cup of cold milk. Have this everyday early in the morning. How To Loss Weight In Two Weeks

Sandalwood with Cold Water:

Sandalwood with Cold Water

Like milk and honey, Sandalwood and Cold Water is also a perfect combo to control heat of the body. Take some powder of sandalwood and mix it in cold water or cold milk. Stir it well. Apply this paste over your face. Keep this for 5 – 10 minutes. Wash your face well with cold water.

Vitamin C remedy

Many household Fruits and vegetables are Vitamin C – rich. It includes lemon, orange, strawberry, etc. These Vitamin C – rich fruits are extremely useful to control body heat. Have Vitamin C – rich fruits and vegetables in different ways in foods. Try some juices of these Healthy Fruits.


Buttermilk is beneficial in the way water does. It keeps you hydrated. Also it provides probiotics, vitamins and minerals to the body.

Cold Water

Water possess capability to cool down the body heat. High consumption of cold water can cool down the heat of the body. One can also dip feets in the bucket of cold water to keep body’s temperature in control. Cold water pads can also be applied on one’s forehead to cool down body heat.

cool down the body heat

Coconut Water

Coconut Water also acts as normal cold water and is beneficial in the same way the cold water acts. It contains high vitamins and minerals which helps in cooling down the body temperature.


Pmegranate is a fruit which can be consumed by even small baby to the old age persons. Having pomegranate directly can help to cool down the body heat. One can also consume juice of 1 whole pomegranate daily to keep the body temperature under control. Additionaly adding almond oil in it can also be beneficial. Having pomegranate can help a lot to keep body temperature in control.


Mint is an essential herb which helps in many medical issues. IT possess a cooling capability. This herb can be added to any juice, shake or food. It can also be used in lemonade. Peppermint is also beneficial in the same way.


Watermelon possess a high amount of water content. Due to such high water content, it can quickly help to brind down the heat of the body. It also possess detoxifier. Detoxifier helps to remove toxin present in the body at large. Toxins are also responsible for the body heat. Thus watermelon fruit helps in two ways to reduce the body heat.

Watermelon For Reduce Body Heat

Watermelon keeps you hydrated if eaten regularly. Especially during summer, watermelon proves to be extremely beneficial. Cut watermelon in pieces, and have if in meals. A fresh drink or juice can also be prepared by watermelon. A mixed fruit salad with high amount of watermelon boosts the water level in the body along with minerals.


There are many causes and reasons of body heat. Changes in temperature or climate is also a cause of it. Extreme exposure of body to heat waves can cause a heavy body heat. If we won’t take proper care , it can lead to dehydration in the body. In the later stage, it can cause heat stroke. Such conditions lead to medical issues and fever arrises. Sometimes such conditions can become life threatening.

Daily life is the basis on which the body temperature depends. Thyroid gland becomes more active due to certain changes in the body temperature. It causes a lot of problems. Clothes that a person wears also play a significant role for temperature of one’s body. Moisture we trap in cloth also leads to body heat

According to many doctors, persons consuming caffeine, tea, alcoholic drinks, etc leads to a rise in the temperature of the body. One must be aware of food he / she consumes, clothes he / she wears, products that he / she consumes, climatic conditions of places one spends his / her daily life. Every point must be take care of.

None of these must be take lightly in daily life. Sometimes, being not aware of these can also lead to a high level of body heat. Health and Well being of a man depends on his daily life. so , we should take proper care on small matters too

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