How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Fast Naturally And Permanently

Before reading this article, you might have a question that how can you safely and naturally lose weight in two weeks? Losing one or two pounds a week is recommended.

Losing weight is not an overnight process. Nobody can lose weight overnight. It is a slow and steady process and better for your body because losing weight suddenly might have some side effects on your body. Losing weight quickly might lead to lack of water in the body. So, losing weight is the process of losing fat and not the water in the body.

loose weight Tips

Quick answer of how to lose weight is directly related to your daily meals. You don’t need to quit everything you love to eat. But all you need to do is follow a Healthy Diet plan that keeps you away from running after food.

How To Lose Weight In Two Weeks?

Most of the diet plans will work for you initially but will have an effect on your metabolism. But at a later stage, you will start to gain fats again. So what are the healthy ways to lose weight?

Reducing your meals slowly is a good idea. Cut your current meals in such a way without starving for food.

Natural ways Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Say no to junk food: So how much are you addicted to food? The best way to start losing weight is avoiding junk foods. If you are planning for losing weight in 2 weeks, avoiding junk foods is the first step. Make a list of all the junk foods you have daily.

This includes packaged and processed foods and drinks. Drinks in a long time will make you addicted of it and will stop you from losing weight. Say no to all junk foods.

Say no to junk food

  • Start some workouts: Along with diet plans, having some light workout is also a good idea. You need to start with some basic and light workouts. Drinking water is equally necessary so that you stay hydrated all the time.
  • Glass of warm water: Starting your day with a glass of warm water will help a lot for body’s metabolism. Higher metabolism in the body, the more your body is able to burn calories. Warm water in early morning will help to digest everything.

So what are the best ways to lose weight?

  • Warm water with honey and lemon juice: Along with it, you can also try having warm water with honey and lemon juice. It develops metabolism in the body and honey will help you to burn calories. Lemon which is a great Vitamin C – rich fruit will help you to lose fats and also Boost Energy In The Body while you workout. Mixture of these three will help a lot in losing weight in two weeks. Follow this everyday early in the morning.
  • Eating whole foods: Losing weight in two weeks requires a simple diet along with whole foods. As these foods contains few calories, eating them will make you stop feeling hungry. During diet, make sure you have whole foods. Vegetables are most satisfying food because you gain proteins and not the fats.

Drink More And More Water

Water is fully free of calories. It removes all the toxins and necessary wastes out of your body through urine. Drink more and more water whenever you feel of having something tasty. Right before exercise, you might have some water. Metabolism in your body is boosted by water.

Daily Exercise For Weight Lose

Avoid Meals After Specific Time

Success of your diet also depends on regular time of having meals. Deciding of not having meals after specific time will help a lot to lose weight. Best time to have meals on a diet is 7 to 8 pm. Avoid having meals after this specific time decided. You will develop a lot of change.

Commitment: Being mentally strong is equally necessary. A strong commitment guarantees you a success towards your goal. Especially in short term diets like losing weight in 2 weeks, a strong commitment is required.

Once a daily routine is decided, you have to follow it. Tell several people about your plans and than you are accountable to follow your plans. Be strong and commuted.

Full night sleep: Sleep is very necessary for human body to function. After daily workouts and exercise, entire body needs rest. Sleep allows body to rest and restore the energy. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is very necessary to gain energy for losing calories daily.

Full Night Sleep For Wieght Lose

Have Veggies In Place of Carbs

Foods such as white rice, sandwich rolls, whole wheat flakes, corn flakes, etc are easily digestible foods. Having such foods and vegetables will make you not feel hungry all the time. Also these foods do not contain fats.

  • Cardio: Cardio is the best exercise for losing weight quickly. In cardio, your heart rate goes up and any exercise in which your heart rate goes up will help you to burn calories. Cardio for 30 minutes in a day will make you lose weight quickly.
  • Pushups: Pushups is for the upper body. Performing 3 sets of pushups in a day will help you to burn calories from your upper body. Three sets of 12 pushups each will target your upper body to burn calories. Make sure to keep your legs and back in a straight line during pushups.
  • Lunges: Lunges target your lower body such as thighs, hips and butt. Along with pushups, 3 sets of lunges must be done daily. Three sets of 12 each in your daily routine will help you to burn calories from your lower body.


All the Quick and Healthy ways to lose weight in 2 weeks are mentioned above. Following any 6 of these will give you better results than any other diet. As mentioned earlier, being mentally strong is equally important.

That is even if you follow good diet and have daily workout sessions, but in the middle you have junk foods will not give any results. If you are mentally strong to lose weight, you can surely follow above mentioned points. Don’t break routine in the middle. 2 weeks will give you the best results ever. Stay healthy! Stay fit.

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