How To Get Chubby Cheeks In A Week

How To Get Chubby Cheeks : Having chubby cheeks is a dream for many. Many people loves to have chubby cheeks, because chubby cheeks makes them look young and cheerful. Chubby cheeks gives you a baby look.

Sometimes people think that to have chubby cheeks gaining weight is necessary. But it is not 100% true. You can have chubby cheeks naturally without gaining weight. Women feels that chubby cheeks hide their age. They look forever young.

How To Get Chubby Cheeks In A Week

Many cosmetics are available for having chubby cheeks. People use these cosmetics to make their cheeks chubbier and they are not aware of the natural remedies. But most of the cosmetic products are not safe. They can cause many of the side effects. Some cases are good and some have the negative effects. Some of the natural ways discussed in the article not only makes your cheek chubbier but also they have a long effect and makes your health good.

How To Get Chubby Cheeks Fast

Here are some of the effective procedures to make your cheek chubbier without gaining weight. Read till end to get our Best Natural Beauty Tips For Effective Results.

How To Get Chubby Cheeks Faster With Milk

Chubby Cheeks Milk is important for everyone to make their health good. Milk is also very useful for various skin remedies. Most of the skin care products contain part of milk. Milk possess proteins, vitamins and minerals at large.

 Take some cold milk in a cup. Apply this cold milk and massage your cheeks everyday early in the morning for 10 – 15 minutes. Leave this for 2 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. You can also drink milk everyday early in the morning for making your cheeks chubbier.

Pinching Cheeks: Some cheek exercises can also make your cheeks chubbier along with various foods. It is too a natural remedy. This exercise must be followed in detail in order to have perfect exercise for your cheeks. Whenever you are free, pinch your cheeks there up and down. Do this daily whenever you are free and this will make your cheeks chubbier. Cheeks may even become brighter.

Moisturizing Your Cheeks Daily: Chubby cheeks are really very fleshy. In order to look your cheeks chubby, it is important to have your cheeks moisturised. Moisturising creams contains part of milk at large. Apply some lotion or moisturising cream after washing or bathing or before bed time on your cheeks daily. Some of the other moisturising natural ingredients are olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, etc.

How To Get Chubby Cheeks Instantly

To Get Chubby Cheeks Avoid unhealthy habits Like that, Drinking alcoholic products or smoking are not only risking your health, but also harmful for skin overall. These habits damage your skin in future. Your cheeks will become dull and dark due to such habits. These habits might be the reason to have damp and dull cheeks. Avoid these habits because these make your skin dull and dry. Direct contact of the sunlight can also make your skin dry. Protect your skin by a lotion or sunscreen.

Avoid Some Makeup Products: It is not necessary to have makeup every time you are going out. Remove your makeup properly and gently by some remover or a soft clean cloth. Your skin needs healthy fresh air to breathe and the makeup over your cheeks can obstruct this. Apply some lotion or moisturizing cream before bed time to avoid unhealthy effects of makeup.

Drink More Water: Water which is full of minerals is very necessary to purify your skin and blood. Drinking more water is one of the simplest trick to get healthy and chubby cheeks. Water is an important part for your health. Everyone must drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily depending on the situation to stay healthy.

Skin requires water to stay healthy. Not only skin, but also every part of your body needs water. Drink more water and eat foods full of liquid to have a healthy bright skin. This will help you to get cheeks chubbier quickly.

Air Exercise: Exercise that will make your cheeks chubbier is blowing some air balloons or eating bubble gum. This exercise will help your cheek muscles to perform exercise. Blow some air balloons everyday. While blowing balloons, hold your cheeks for about 1 minute in puffed position.

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera gel is a natural and effective remedy for skin care. Aloe Vera makes your skin brighter. It increases the elasticity of your skin. Massage your cheeks daily for about 10 minutes with some Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel is easily available from some potted aloe-Vera plant or any drug store. Massage your cheeks gently everyday to have cheeks brighter, healthier and chubbier.

How To Get Chubby Cheeks Using Glycerin

Glycerin: Glycerin can help your skin to maintain moisture. It keeps your cheeks hydrated and bright. Prepare a mixture of glycerin and rose water. Apply this mixture on your face and massage your cheeks for 15 – 20 minutes. Glycerin and rose water are very good skin nourishing products. Apply this mixture to your cheeks everyday early in the morning of before bed time, it is the best Facial Beauty Tips.

Honey Is A Good Idea To Get Chubby Cheeks

Honey For Chubby Cheeks: Honey is also an effective remedy for the health of your cheeks. Honey will make your cheeks look chubbier and plumper. In many moisturizing products honey is also contained in it. Honey possess antioxidants that will remove all the toxins from the core of your skin.

Prepare the mixture of 2 teaspoons of honey and milk. Apply this mixture on your cheeks. Let this mixture on your cheeks for 10 minutes. Practice this remedy everyday early in the morning for better results. In place of milk, hot water can also be used. You can also consume this mixture directly to have the same effects.


These natural remedies will surely help you to naturally get your cheeks healthy without gaining any weight. Besides it will also make your skin overall healthy. Also it is equally important to avoid habits such as drinking, smoking, etc. These unhealthy habits in the long term will make your skin dry.

Make sure to avoid these habits. Follow these natural remedies with attention avoiding all the unhealthy habits. Soon you will find you cheeks chubbier and brighter. Have healthy cheek exercise daily. Have healthy cheeks because chubby will never make you feel old.