How Long does Marijuana Stay In Your System? | Benefits And Disadvantages

How Long does Marijuana Stay In Your System: Marijuana, A name which is very often these days, started a long time back Marijuana has a very rich history. From ancient India and Egypt to the hipster culture of the western world, it has developed all through generations. Mostly Marijuana is used Primarily as a major ingredient to cure diseases like Blood pressure, Diabetes, Cancer and so on.

Benefits And Disadvantages of Medical Marijuana

But over the time it has built his own culture called the “Cannabis Culture”.  People often consider Marijuana leads creativity inferring people like Steve Jobs, Bob Marley, Sebastian Marincolo, Lady Gaga and a lot more. These renowned people have always discussed The About the perks of smoking weed mentioning that it makes them calm and allows them to take a better decision. People Rae following these ground steps to defend them for over-consumption of Marijuana or Weed.

Benefits And Disadvantages of Medical Marijuana

If we talk about its legalization Marijuana is still considered to be an illegal drug in most of the countries. You will only find very few countries that have legalized Marijuana such as Amsterdam. The reason for its non-legalization is because it has many adverse effects on a body and it also releases dopamine like other hard drugs say cocaine. But the quantity of Dopamine is very less in a pot.

Marijuana is a naturally grown plant which is often said pot or weed. Those who smoke weed or Cannabis have a lot of queries regarding it like- How long does Marijuana stay in your system, What are the perks of Marijuana, how long does it stay in Urine or blood test. Here we will discuss all such things.  Learn more details Of Marijuana Medical Uses And Benefits

How Long does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

To be frank it depends on a person to person. It all depends on your habit of smoking Marijuana and your body system. A person who is a regular smoker of weed will have the higher potency of Dopamine making him severe to the effects caused by weed.

Health Benefits And Side Effect Of Medical Marijuana

The active ingredient in Marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol also called as delta-9-THC or THC. When you smoke Marijuana it gets into your bloodstream rapidly making your nerve system slow. A person who smokes cannabis will feel high at the point he Inhales smoke making him a dimmer switch performing things slowly.

THC reacts with the natural chemicals and stops them from performing their job properly by disturbing the whole system. Though the effects of THC will fade away in a very shorter period of 2 to 4 hours THC stays in a system for longer. THC can be detected even after a month of smoking weed. It has been seen that the effect of smoking weed on driving stays up to three to four hours.

What Are THC And Its Metabolites?

Dear Visitor THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, it is a chemical responsible for most of the chemical reaction and psychological processes. THC could be found in high amount in Marijuana or Cannabis. It Is attaches to the cannabinoid receptors which are responsible for thinking, memory and pleasure co-ordination.

THC releases Dopamine which creates euphoria or a feeling rush. THJC rapidly break down into the molecules which are known as metabolites and more than 80 metabolites are formed from THC, THC levels could be different among different people. And while Drug tests THC level or Metabolites are detected only. I marijuana THC level are around 1-5%.

Effects of THC Includes

  • Short-term memory loss
  • Sedation
  • Relaxation
  • Pain relief and more

Though the culture of Marijuana is in hype today But its side effects are the lot. Majorly on young people and also some longer issues such as IQ memory and cognition, overdoing of THC level creates a lot of problems among people. So, it is preferred to have weed at levels and accordingly.

Marijuana As A Gateway Drug

 Marijuana is considered as a gateway drug by the people. Because the feeling of rush and euphoria which it gives by releasing dopamine is soothing. Other drugs like ecstasy, cocaine does the same things nut on the bigger level. And a person who has an addiction to smoking weed, Cannabis or Marijuana he is definitely prone to all these drugs.

Treatment For Disorders Caused By Marijuana

However there are no such disorders from Marijuana to everyone but overdosing Marijuana can lead to Hallucination, paranoia and extreme psychotic reactions. If a person faces all these severely than he shall definitely lower the use of Marijuana. To cure effects of Marijuana there are no such things which have been developed as per now but behavioral support can do well.

Treatment For Disorders Caused By Marijuana

Marijuana And Its Test

There are several ways to detect Marijuana in a person’s body. Usually, a urine test is preferred the most because it is easy to detect Marijuana from Urine.

Marijuana Blood Test

This test is only responsive if it is done after a few hours of smoking weed. Because after that there will be no sign of Marijuana in blood. THC level will have no sign in blood streamline after few hours that’s why doing Blood Tests are not recommended.

Marijuana Blood Test

Amidst in cases of road accidents or some roadside checks blood or saliva can show recent intoxications.  The reason for no detection of Marijuana in the blood test is No Metabolites of THC which can be founded in a urine test.

Marijuana Urine Test | How To Pass A Urine Test In 24 Hours

The most opted and preferred way or testing Marijuana consumption is a Urine test. Whenever a Drug Test is done a Sample of Urine is taken for testing. While doing a urine test 9-carboxy THC is the substance which is detected. This test is sampled through Immunoassay test and if it comes positive then it is again screened with a test GCMS (Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer).

How To Pass A Urine Test In 24 Hours

This double verification makes the Urine test most viable test for Marijuana. Though different people have different proximity to test like a person who has smoked weed for the first time so it can fade away in 8 to 10 days, if you smoke 2 to 4 times a week then around 20 days and If you are a regular smoker than 50-65 days are also seen.

Marijuana Saliva Test

This test is again used for roadside accidents and police checking. It detects the THC level substance in your saliva after 4 to 5 hours of last smoked joint. No saliva test can be done after to (hours because it won’t detect the THC level. Saliva tests are also used for checking the alcohol level by police. Also you can Learn More About How To Make Hair Silky Permanently

Marijuana Hair Test | How Long Does Drugs Stay In Your Hair

Yes, a test through your hair. It is possible to detect the level of weed you smoked from your hair. Hair tests are based on the parent drug and the Metabolites and this test also stays longer if we compare it to the urine test. Unlike Saliva or the blood, hair has a longer potency to hold your metabolite. Experts say even after 90 days you can detect Marijuana from a person’s hair follicle.

How Long Does Drugs Stay In Your Hair

Testers usually take only 1.5 inches of hair from the route and discard the access one. And it’s not the only hair from your head but also they can take it from your body. Though hair testing for the drug test of weed is not very common But you still have measures to cure it. There are some shampoos and conditioners that are specially made to detox your hair.

So, after seeing all the tests and their potency level one can infer how long Marijuana can be detected.  Also if a person is a regular smoker it is easy to detect THC till 45 days in the urine test and for 90 days in the Hair test.

How To Fool And Pass A Drug Test Overnight

Most of the smokers ask for tablets and ways so that they can evade from these test. But can they really do this after so many listed test options? Well, for this you need to figure out the number of THC metabolites in your system. Though it’s hard to run away from the drug tests But it is possible.

How To Fool And Pass A Drug Test Overnight

Drink More Water: Yes, drinking more water will perhaps help you to fool the drug test. Drinking more water will cause the increase in urine flow leading to lesser THC level. Having a Vitamin B 12 tablet will help to change in urine color too.

Intoxication Drinks: These are the drinks which are pure natural and do intoxication of your body from toxicities. They dilute your urine but don’t totally fade the metabolites in your urine.

No Exercise: Yes, no exercise. Doing exercise will only increase and boost the THC level and we don’t want that. A person shall not do exercise before 24 hours of his Drug test.

Stream: Yes when you are giving a urine test you shall notice one thing that you give a sample from the middle stream because first and the last stream have the highest level of THC in them.

How To Fool And Pass A Urine Test

The urine test is the most opted and an easy way to do a drug test for cannabis because THC levels could be traced after even a month of consumption In urine test. But there is a way to pass this test said experts, though it does not have any guaranteed commitments it works somehow. How To Get Rid of Urine Infections

Fruit pectin method: Many people are relying on this test to get out of the tests.  Pectin is mostly found in jams, berries, apples and other fruit. It is a naturally occurring substance and could be found easily in grocery stores. In fruit pectin method

  • Mix fruit pectin with an electrolyte drink, a drink could be homemade also.
  • Drink it before the urine test followed by water and vitamin B tablets

People have got results from this method yet it is not a guaranteed one, still, if you want to gamble you can.

Another method which is a scientific one is

Synthetic Urine: It is a method of faking people from giving your urine for the test. Many companies are making synthetic urine belts for the test. You can easily get it online or offline. What you need to is there is a belt you need to wrap around your waist and the tube should stick to your skin facing downwards.

Remember one thing you need to heat the tube before one hour of the test. When you get some privacy in the test just open your belt and pour the synthetic urine into the testing flask. And wait for the negative results.

This method has seen a good success rate but you need to be careful about getting being caught.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

Apart from all these effects, there are several perks of Marijuana if they are taken accordingly. Also in ancient times, people use to consume it for its medical benefits.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

Cure cancer: Marijuana has a substance that helps in stopping cancer from spreading. It tops spreading cancer by stopping the gene called ID-1.

Decreases anxiety: anxiety is caused by overthinking. And smoking Marijuana makes a person mind slow by releasing Dopamine which also helps in curing Anxiety. But it is for short period only.

It helps losing weight: Yes, if you are a fat person and worried about your obesity then smoking Marijuana can help you. Cannabis helps in Insulin regulation and manage caloric intake.

Treatment for ADHD: if you suffer from ADHD or you are any of children suffer from ADHD then the cannabis may be the right cure for you

Improve lung health: though Cannabis is smoked. But it can improve lung health for those who smoke tobacco. Tobacco is more harmful to lungs if it is compared to cannabis.

Regulate and prevent Diabetes: this herb has an ability to regulate Insulin which is very much beneficial in curing Diabetes.

Concluding all these things one Thing is that Marijuana has more side effects than any benefits boosted by its consumers. There are many ways to combat drug test but none is guaranteed one. And scientists are developing more and more ways to detect such cases. It is said that Marijuana culture will grow at a good pace in coming years making many people addictive to it.

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