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Home Remedies For Cough One of the most annoying short-term factorized problem, cough is one of the most frequent reasons for a doctor’s visit. A cough always comes with a underlying disease that must be treated on time in order to get relief.

Most of the households prefer to use home remedies to cure a common cold and cough. Generally, coughing is normal. A cough helps your throat to prevent phlegm and other dirts. But a cough can also be a chronic cough, a viral infection, allergy or a bacterial infection.

How A cough Occurs?

A cough is a spontaneous blow out of the air through the lungs to clear the air passage from foreign secretions generally containing virus and Bacteria. It is generally voluntary action to balance the air pressure created by contraction of diaphragm muscles. Remedy For Fungal Skin Infection


A cough is only a symptom and not a disease, the underlying health problem is the one whose body reaction turns out to be a cough. Possible causes of a cough are-

Remedy For Cough Relief Fast

  • Infections such as cold & flu, sinusitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis.
  • Irritation such as smoke and fumes.
  • Allergies to animal products and dust.
  • Tumours such as lung cancer, etc.
  • Miscellaneous diseases like heart disease, gastro-oesophageal disease, etc.

Home Remedies For Cough, Ginger & Honey

The strong anti-inflammatory action of ginger helps to cure a sore throat whether its bacterial or allergic. fresh ginger could be mixed with few drops of honey to form a paste and then ingested about one teaspoon every 6 hours. here is all about Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Salt Water Gargle

Salt is an anti-infective agent and is used from ancient time for healing purposes. Salt when ingested with water increase the pH level of mouth making difficult for bacteria to survive. To use it for a cough, mix it with a glass of lukewarm water and gargle it three times a day for cough relief. Also for you here is all about of The Dragon Fruit Health Benefits


Probiotics do not remove a cough from your body, but they help to maintain the balance of your gastrointestinal flora. It is the bacteria which stays in your intestines. Probiotics provide a lot of health benefits in various ways to your body. Immunity throughout the body is maintained by probiotics.

Have some probiotic supplements from the market or purchase some from the market. Yoghurt, miso soup, bread etc are included in probiotics. Have these probiotics according to daily recommended intake suggested on it’s packing.

Turmeric Milk

This traditional Chinese and Indian recipe is used to cure various digestive and respiration problem including a cough. Prevention. As turmeric could fight both bacteria and virus infection, it is very effective in treating coughs. To make turmeric milk mix 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder with 1 glass of milk. Drink this milk 2 times a day for best results.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint leaves are used for the various medicinal purpose. Mint has healing properties and that is the reason it is used in various medicines. Menthol which is contained by the leaves gives a soothing sensation to your throat. Mucus breaks on its own due to soothing effect.

Take a steam bath by inhaling the vapours of mint leaves in it. Have a strong tea made from mint leaves. In steam bath, add 4 leaves of mint or peppermint oil in hot water. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the hot water containing mint leaves. Take deep breaths with your head above the water.

Carrot Juice

Carrots have many vitamins and nutrients that help to relieve various symptoms of a cough. Make a fresh juice of 4-5 carrots and add some water in order to dilute it. For additional benefits, add a teaspoon of honey. Drink the juice 3-4 times a day unless your symptoms improve.

Lukewarm water

To fight a cough, cold and sore water, drink luke-warm water 2 times a day. Warm water reduces the inflammation of bacteria and virus in your throat. It pours the liquid and fluids required by the body. Due to the warmth of the water, the infection gets reduced.

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane is also known to soothe a cough with its sweetening properties.  In order to make use of sugarcane to soothe your throat squeeze a sugarcane into juice. Drink 1 cup of this juice to help your throat soothe and relieve to cough.


Water is very essential for every part of your body. It is a fact that water is required by every part of the body for its growth and development. Liquid also includes teas which can increase the consumption of water every day. It is really helpful for a coug;h. Liquid keeps mucus in postnasal. Membrane stays moist. This reduces a cough.


Amla is a very great immunomodulator. It provides a lot of immunity to fight various disease. It can help you to stay immune from many of diseases. Eating amla regularly on daily basis provides a lot of immunity. Also, it helps in the blood circulation of the body. Functioning of liver also becomes proper. Amla can prevent a cough to stay in your throat.

Hot Shower

A hot shower could be all you need, steam induced by a hot shower will lose sinus congestion and phlegm accumulated in your throat and lungs helping in relieving cough.

Aloe Vera

May it is your skin or throat, Aloe Vera is beneficial for both. Aloe Vera tends to soothe the inner lining of the throat and helps in relieving dry cough. Take a moderate aloe Vera plant and peel out its extract to make a paste. Make a paste directly or mix it with a bit of sweetener if you cant handle the bitterness, and ingest it in small quantities 2 times a day to get relief from your cough.

Honey Is Best Medicine For a dry cough

Dear Friends Honey is Also an easy and Best Home Remedies For Cough What can be more soothing than a teaspoon of pure honey. Along with its sweetening properties, its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe a cough. Ingest 2 teaspoons of honey 2 times a day to get relief from symptoms of a cough.


Marshmallow is made up of Althaea officinalis, which is a flower of summer. Since ancient times, this herb is used in various remedies. To treat a sore throat and cough, roots and leaves of this flower are used. Using herb is naturally safe for any remedy. Take marshmallow roots in tea or directly. Note: This remedy is not recommended for children below 14 years. It soothes your throat very strongly.


Almonds have nutritional properties that resolve cough symptoms. Soak 8-9 almonds in water for 8 to 10 hours. Make a smooth paste out of it and add one teaspoon of butter into it. Eat it two times in a day until your symptoms decreases.


Raisins are nothing but dried up grapes. The sugar compounds are the nutrients compiled in raisins are helpful for treating cough. To use It as a remedy make a paste of ground raisins along with the water and ingest as needed for best results.


Lemon can be found to induce a cough initially but actually, it helps to treat a cough. Substantially sucking up a lemon could be helpful in treating cough over time.


Ginger contains a large number of medicinal properties. It has been used for the various medicinal purpose. Ginger is prescribed by various doctors for common colds and flu. Ginger has antihistamine and decongestant properties which help to reduce the level of coug;h. Make ginger tea by adding 8 slices of fresh ginger in 2 cups of water. Add some fresh lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey in it. Allow it to stim for 15 minutes and then drink it fresh. Have this tea regularly early in the morning with the empty stomach for better results.


Liquorice is the dried root of the leguminous plant and is used to treat a cough in traditional medicinal treatments. Liquorice can be used in various forms to treat a cough. To make a natural liquorice herbal tea, mix one teaspoon of liquorice powder to a glass of water and drink it for soothing throat relieving that is good Home Remedies For A cough.


Onion is a milder alternative to Ginger. It contains many sulphur compounds that contribute to its anti-inflammatory properties. It could relieve the pain from a cough. It’s extractors when taken in the amount of half a teaspoon, two times a day helps in relieving cough.

How To Prevent A cough

  • In order to get long-term relief, one must take preventive measures on a regular basis. Some of the preventive measures for a cough are-
  • Drink a lot of warm fluids – drinking a lot of warm fluids helps in reducing the clogging of phlegm in throat and makes throat clear from virus and bacteria causing microbes.
  • Avoid spicy foods- yes, its the key point to get free from a cough forever. Spicy foods tend to have allergy with your throat that causes a cough.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated- In order to get relief from a cough in a long run, one must keep themselves hydrated with water as being hydrated reduce mucus amount in the throat and soothes the throat naturally.

Watch How To Fast Relief From Cough

A cough is one of the most occurred problems for which people consult the doctor. One must go for Ayurveda Home Remedies For Cough rather than using antibiotics at first sight. Hope you will satisfy with this lots of way, Get well soon. Thank You for Visit the Blog.

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