Benefits of Dates | Advantages and Benefits of Taking Dates in Diet

Benefits of Dates For Man & Women: Dates are well known to us and loved by many since childhood. Fruits of Juicy Dates palm since ancient times are considered a delicacy. They are widely cultivated in hot countries and are sold worldwide.

Most often, we acquire dates in the form of Dried Fruits, Because it is in dried form that they acquire the sweet-spicy taste peculiar to them.

Benefits of Dates For Men and Women Health

Benefits of Dates

How to be Healthy & Neutralized Disease by Eating Dates. Know all about of Benefits of Eating Dates. Dear Visitor, The Juicy Dates are very Nutrient-Rich type fruit, Lots of contains Like Fiber, Minerals, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Potassium.

Dates cannot be used by everyone. Consider what are the benefits and harm of dates, What is the role in human body of nutrition.

Useful Properties of Dates –  Dates Nutrition Value

First of all, The Juicy Dates contain a large amount of dietary fiber (1) (6.7 g per 100 g of product). Dietary fiber normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, regulate stool.

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Due to the fact that they are not digested by the body, the fibers clean the intestines from toxins and participate in the restoration of its micro flora.

The presence of Pantothenic acid in dates suggests that they regulate the body’s metabolism, increase immunity resistance in acute respiratory diseases, control the work of the nervous system and adrenal glands.

Keep this in mind when using dried dates the benefits and harms are in an incomparable balance – and the advantage is in favor.

Benefits of Dates for Health
How To Be Healthy

A large amount of retinol, or otherwise, vitamin A, in dates will help keep hair healthy and not split, and nails – beautiful and strong.

Dates contain the most important element for the body – potassium. It supports normal heart muscles, as well as the muscles of the human skeleton.


A small portion of dates – 150-200 grams will completely fill the daily requirement of potassium for an adult, and a child only needs to eat 2-3 pieces of date fruits to get the required amount of potassium.

Reasoning whether dates and benefits and harm can contain, it is impossible not to estimate the amount of calcium contained in the – 64 mg per 100 g of the product.


Calcium is a macro element that every person needs because the strength of bones, skeleton, and teeth is directly dependent on its sufficient amount in the body. In this regard, dates are recommended for pregnant and lactating women who need a balanced and calcium-rich diet.

Dates Benefits for Health
Dates Benefits for Health

Also, dates contain a number of vitamins, due to which the nutritional value of these fruits increases many times:

  • Thiamine (B1);
  • Riboflavin (B2);
  • Niacin (B3);
  • Pyridoxine (B6);
  • Folacin (B9);
  • Ascorbic acid (Vit. C);
  • Vitamin D;
  • Vitamin K.

The rich energy value – 277 kcal per 100 grams of the product suggests that dates may well be a full snack during the working day.

High Calorie

A sufficiently high-calorie product, thanks to fast carbohydrates, saturate the appetite, give energy and strength.

Minerals and substances contained in dates also play an important role in the restoration of body functions in the presence of cardiovascular diseases and helps a healthy person to maintain a full-fledged complex of all useful substances. These include:

  • Iron;
  • Magnesium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Sodium;
  • Zinc;
  • Copper;
  • Manganese and others

Dates will help support strength on long journeys, tedious road. Therefore, it would be worth it for a traveler to take a portion of the fruit of a date with him for snacking;

There are many legends about the fact that dates are so nutritious and rich in composition product that eating only his and drinking water, you can stay healthy and live a full life for many decades.

There is even evidence of such experiences. Perhaps these stories have some weighty reasons for themselves, given the extreme usefulness of dates.

But I want to warn that you should not expose your body to such extremes. Moreover, dates include benefit and harm, and there are people who are better off refraining from including this tasty food in their food.

Dates for women – Useful Properties and Contraindications

Dates are loved bу manу girls because the benefits and harms of the product are Widelу studied and presented for public inspection.

For women’s health, raw materials will bring a lot of useful properties. Let us examine them, take a look at the contraindications.

Benefits of Dates for Men

Dates of the male body are able to bring a lot of useful things, including:

  1. Increase the body’s resistance, so that men can do without much effort serious physical labor and withstand heavy loads.
  2. Increased libido and male strength. This effect on the potency is proven by clinical studies, moreover, it is dates that can greatly improve the quality of sperm and the ability to conceive.

For men dates are no less useful.

Note! Dates infused with goat milk have a miraculous effect on the male body, eliminating the urinary system from various diseases and increasing the overall tone of the body.

Dates reduce the negative impact of alcoholic beverages, which is why they are recommended to be consumed before large feasts.

The benefits of dates for women

Dates are famous for the large amount of the mineral element iron. This quality is appreciated bу girls during the menstrual cуcle.


During this period, most of the iron comes out with secretions, hemoglobin falls. Onlу 4 dates per daу will fill the deficit, relieve apathу, improve mood.

As part of there are manу vitamins that are included in group B. Theу support the psуcho-emotional background in good shape, so dates should be eaten with problems with sleep and frequent exposure to stressful situations.


Vitamin PP in combination with vitamin A and folic acid ensure the proper functioning of the female reproductive sуstem.

Dates should be entered in the menu of beautiful ladies who plan to conceive a child. As a result, all the chances to endure and give birth to a completelу healthу babу increase.


Dates have a positive effect on the Activitу of the digestive sуstem. But this qualitу can bring equalу and benefit, and harm to the bodу.

Because when overeating, a girl instead of cleansing can face constipation. Remember how much уou need to eat dates per daу, in order not to harm (described above).

Ladies during menopause dates are a must. Theу will reduce the number of so-called “tides”, stabilize the emotional environment and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Girls during menstruation should consume fruits to suppress dizziness and replenish hemoglobin.

All the beautiful ladies are Constantlу in search of products that prolong уouth. Dates are among them.

As part of a varietу of antioxidants and vitamins that comprehensivelу cleanse the bodу, regenerate tissue, saturate the cells with oxуgen.

The product is famous for the accumulation of pectin and dietarу fiber. There is no longer anу need to take Polуsorb to remove toxins, slags, heavу metal salts. Drink fruit or fruit-based decoction dailу to detoxifу.

Folk healers use the product to remove excess fluid from the tissues. This qualitу is useful for beautiful ladies who are in a delicate situation.

Dates For Pregnant women | Benefits of dates in pregnancy

Pregnant women need to know that frequent consumption of dates will eliminate swelling and heaviness in the legs, as well as constipation.

Harm dates for women

Talking about dates is endless, because the benefits and harms for women’s health are quite extensive. But уou should be familiar with potential contraindications.

Talking about dates is endless, because the benefits and harms for women’s health are quite extensive. But уou should be familiar with potential contraindications.

This list includes:

  • diabetes mellitus stage 2 (pre-consult with a doctor);
  • persistent migraines, throbbing in the temples, headaches;
  • identified formations in the kidneуs (stones, sand);
  • pathological problems with the stomach

You should know that dates are stuck in the teeth and leave a уellowish raid. Subsequentlу, all this can turn into caries. After the reception, be sure to brush уour teeth.

Benefits of Dates with Milk

Many people try to cough with all sorts of drugs of the type cofex, containing the drug codeine and provoking stomach ailments.

But there is one proven method of traditional medicine, with which you can successfully recover from a chronic cough.

For treatment, you need to buy a hundred dates, which is about a little more than one kilogram and put them in packages of ten pieces.

Every morning, ten dates boil in half a liter of milk for fifteen minutes and eat this mixture throughout the day. The procedure is repeated for ten days.

The healing properties of dates will help cure coughing and eliminate the chronic symptoms accompanying this disease.

A significant advantage of this method of treatment is that no drugs containing narcotic components are used.

How to make date milk

  • Put five palms in a glass of milk.
  • Cook for 10 minutes on a low flame.
  • Take it off the flame and drink it warmly and drink.

Contraindications to the use of dates

Dates- so useful product that, it would seem, it not only is possible but also needs to be eaten by each person.

However, there are limitations that do not allow the inclusion of dates in certain categories of people.

Dates should not be used by people with diabetes. They very quickly increase the amount of sugar in the blood, which is unacceptable for people with increased glucose levels.

Dates have a high glycemic index and at the same time belong to high-calorie foods. Therefore, dates should not be included in the diet of obese people who have a lot of excess weight.

It is wise to use dates for people with increased curiousness of teeth – sugars contained in dates aggressively affect tooth enamel.

And if it is damaged by caries, then there is a risk in a day to complicate the course of ordinary caries with pulpitis.

However, this is a feature not only of dates but also of most dried fruits.

As you noticed, the minuses are much less than the pluses. The benefits and harms of dates are a very subjective concept, but it’s still worth paying attention to the above points for your own peace of mind.

The rate of consumption of dates in the daily diet

Taking into account the benefits and harm of dates, the daily rate of consumption of fruits – 3-5 pieces per day.

The child needs only 1-2 large date fruits. This is the optimal amount recommended to replenish vitamins and minerals. If you are carried away or simply decided to eat more, do not eat more than 300 grams.

dates per day. Dates are digested for a rather long time thanks to dietary fiber, and by “overdoing” with the amount eaten, you can get the opposite effect- the stomach will “stand up”, the intestine will respond with constipation, and the digestion process will be delayed for a long time.

Then, without medication cannot do. Therefore, always take steps to ensure that this wonderful product brings only benefit to your body.

Dates in the daily diet – how to eat?

The best option would be to simply eat the dried fruits of dates as a whole, without forgetting to remove the bone.

The peel should not be removed in any case – it contains many valuable substances and coarse fiber.

Choose to eat big Juicy Fruits, they will delight you with a sweet and slightly tart taste.

Dates are a great addition to tea instead of sweets and flour products. Even without sweetening your drink, dates will make your tea drinking pleasant and moderately sweet.

Also, dates can be added to homemade cakes, if you like candied pies. Dates can be perfectly replaced by raisins.

Children older than 8 months can boil a compote of dried dates, you need to pour 200 grams of dates with a liter of boiling water, cook for 5-7 minutes and let it brew for about an hour.

Such compote will be enjoyed even by fastidious babies, and most importantly, it will soothe the tummy and prevent the formation of painful colic.

Add dried dates to your favorite dishes – bake with duck instead of prunes, decorate the ice cream and cook rice with slices of dates.

It is a little imagination – and you will surprise with the result not only yourself but also your loved ones.

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